As one of the lowest priced IPP projects in Mozambique, the Kuvaninga project is a very strategic project. The gas that is used to drive the plant engines is delivered by a pipeline that is mainly used to deliver gas to South Africa. The significance of the project is that the gas is now being used to propel the Mozambican economy with the aim of reducing the energy poverty.


Size: 40MW

Location: Gaza Province, Mozambique

Stage: Fully Constructed

Resource: Natural Gas

As one of the first coal to power IPP’s in South Africa, the Khanyisa project will use new coal to power technology known as Circulating fluidised bed boiler. The technology is designed to reduce emissions as the efficiency achieved is a lot higher than older coal to power boiler technology. The additional benefit of Khanyisa is that the project will use discard coal, this will reduce the methane that is being evaporated and also avoid ground water contamination.


Size: 300MW

Location: Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Stage: Financial Close

Resource: Coal

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